About the Cluster

The Queer, Feminist, and Transgender Studies Research Custer (QFT), formerly known as the Queer Research Cluster (QRC), is a research group of graduate students and faculty members that has been active for the past eight years at Davis. The cluster has aimed to be an interdisciplinary project devoted to interrogating structures of gender, sexuality, desire, affect, and embodiment in the contexts of political institutions, economic processes, and theoretical discourses. This year – 2013-2014 – we are exploring sexuality, gender, and feminism in the shifts taking place within the Americas as they affect the circuits of queer migration, the transnationalism of feminist discourses, and the reconceptualization of forms of gendered subjectivity in relation to transcultural exchange within the hemisphere.

QFT welcomes graduate students and faculty from all disciplines who are invested in, work in, or want to learn more about gender studies (queer studies, feminist studies, transgender studies, masculinity studies).

To join the cluster, contact co-chairs Elisa Oceguera (eoceguera@ucdavis) or Isabel Porras (icporras@ucdavis)