About the Cluster

The Queer, Feminist, and Trans Studies Research Custer (QFT), formerly known as the Queer Research Cluster (QRC), is a research group of graduate students and faculty members. Initially founded in 2004, QFT has been active on and off since. After a period of inactivity between 2014 and 2017, QFT became reactivated as an official UC Davis Humanities Institute Research Cluster for the 2017-2018 school year.

The cluster has aimed to be an interdisciplinary project devoted to interrogating structures of gender, sexuality, desire, affect, and embodiment in the contexts of political institutions, economic processes, and theoretical discourses.

QFT welcomes graduate students and faculty from all disciplines who are invested in, work in, or want to learn more about gender studies, queer studies, feminist studies, trans studies, and related and intersectional fields.

To join the cluster, contact graduate coordinator Alex Fine (akfine@ucdavis.edu) to be added to the QFT participant list.